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Full list of words used in this puzzle: LedZeppelin, Beatles, PinkFloyd, VanHalen, Queen, Eagles, Metallica, Police, Doors, Rush, Genesis, RollingStones, BeachBoys, TheWho, SteelyDan, ACDC, FleetwoodMac, AllmanBrothers, ZZTop, Aerosmith, Cream, GratefulDead, PearlJam, Boston, DireStraits, KingCrimson, Foreigner, TalkingHeads, JethroTull, Clash, Journey, DeepPurple, LittleFeat, Pretenders, BlackSabbath, LynyrdSkynyrd, SexPistols, Traffic, MotleyCrue, BlindFaith, Animals, Kinks, Kansas, IronMaiden, Motorhead, JudasPriest, Cure.
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