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Full list of words used in this puzzle: ILoveLucy, AllInTheFamily, BradyBunch, AndyGriffith, HappyDays, Simpsons, Ellen, MaryTylerMoore, GilligansIsland, ThreesCompany, Bewitched, SanfordAndSon, DickVanDyke, WonderYears, Friends, Honeymooners, Cosby, Seinfeld, GoldenGirls, AddamsFamily, BeverlyHillbillies, Cheers, LoveBoat, MASH, LeaveItToBeaver, Roseanne, OddCouple, Jeffersons, HomeImprovement, Frasier, MyThreeSons, EverybodyLovesRaymond, MarriedWithChildren, GreenAcres, FactsOfLife, MurphyBrown.
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