Word Search

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place the Word Search puzzles on my own site?
Yes. At the bottom of any puzzle on the site there is a piece of HTML that you can insert into any Web page or blog. This is raw HTML code, so you will need access to be able to place raw code on to your site. All true hosting services allow this, and many simpler Web site services do as well. Consult your hosting service about how to place raw HTML on to a page.

Can I change the size of a puzzle on my site?
Yes. To change the size of a puzzle, place <script>var wswidth=1000;</script> before the regular word search code. Change 1000 to whatever size you want. The height will always be .75 times the width. For instance, a width of 800 will result in a height of 600.

Can I use printed copies of the puzzles for my classroom?
Absolutely. We designed the print function of the game for teachers. You can create puzzles for your classroom or use our word lists and print the puzzles out. You can make as many copies as you like.

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